Ensim Solutions

The Ensim Automation Suite provides a software platform for Service Providers like Telcos, MSPs, Cloud Hosting Companies, and Value Added Resellers and Enterprises like Financial, Defense Aerospace, Healthcare, Mid-sized Companies, Governments, and Educations: to manage their entire user lifecycle from onboarding to ongoing management via a simple web portal. End to end automation and orchestration for ordering, catalog, user provisioning, usage rating, metering, and invoicing for over 50 out of the box applications and services such as Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business, VMware vCenter, Google Apps, and more are enabled in a secure, compliant, and self-service solution tailored to fit a variety of industry specific requirements.



Launching new services to up-sell existing customers is the key for Telecom companies seeking to maximize ARPU.  Incumbent OSS and BSS systems do not offer the agility and functionality required to enable rapid deployment of new services and most current systems on the market do not easily integrate with existing Telco back office systems, scale to high volume processing requirements, or meet strict regulatory, network, and security standards.  Ensim's modular and open design enables Telcos to quickly launch new service offerings and aggregate third party services, as well as enhance, extend, and easily integrate with existing back office systems like IDM, CRM, Billing, Support, and other existing OSS / BSS infrastructure.  Ensim's carrier-grade solution scales to millions of users while enabling Telcos to achieve fast time to market, easy product bundling with existing offerings, and increased ARPU and customer retention.

MSP (Managed)
Meeting enterprise security and compliance requirements is critical to MSPs looking to provide private cloud services for mission critical applications and infrastructure such as Microsoft Exchange or VMware vCenter IaaS.  Delegated administration, role and rights management, audit and reporting, and help desk / operations automation are also important for MSPs looking to differentiate and provide solutions at a competitive price.  In addition, enabling enterprise users and admins with self-service ordering and management capabilities via an easy to use web portal, can drive higher demand for the services offered while lowering the MSPs operating cost.  Increased revenue, lower operating cost and higher customer satisfaction, can be easily achieved by leveraging Ensim solutions.

Cloud Hosting Companies
Mid-sized cloud hosting companies need to compete with Telcos and MSPs, but don't have the budget for a typical carrier grade system. Cloud providers still need to launch new services quickly, utilize infrastructure investments already made, and provide a self-service storefront with on-line payment, and automated provisioning.  Ensim solutions can be deployed quickly as a complete turn-key solution and are scalable from a few servers to a full datacenter based on Ensim's advanced distributed architecture.  Pay as you go licensing, expand as you need architecture, and a complete end to end solution, allows cloud hosting companies to minimize their capital investment while maximizing their go to market capabilities.

Value Added Reseller
Making a business run more smoothly and providing a high return on investment on IT expenses is why companies trust VARs when it comes to installation, deployment, and support for mission critical applications. VARs need to continue to provide results in order to maintain their trusted advisor role within a company.  Ensim solutions provide significant cost savings and simplification of IT through complete automation and management of the entire user life cycle for a wide variety of applications and services, on-premise and from the cloud.



Financial institutions must meet strict policy, legal and regulatory compliance rules.  Tight budgets and ever increasingly complex IT environments can make this a serious challenge even for the most skilled professionals.  Automated user provisioning, self-service role based portals, granular entitlement management, automated self-service group management, Active Directory policy enforcement across many applications and services, and help desk simplification, are just some of the areas Ensim's solutions help some of the largest financial institutions in the world save millions of dollars a year.

Defense Aerospace
Security and compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley is one thing, but protecting military secrets by controlling access to critical messaging systems is on a whole different level.  Global multi-forest identity management requirements, complex security and distribution group isolation, and employee information walling policy enforcement, are just a few of the challenges faced by IT administrators in these industries.  Ensim provides solutions to some of the largest global defense contractors that enable the most stringent security requirements to be enforced and audited.

HIPAA compliance requires Healthcare providers to constantly meet and maintain a wide variety of regulatory rules. User entitlement management at a granular level with deep identity and access management integration can be difficult to implement.  Ensim provides the tools necessary to secure access, maintain legal compliance, and provide reporting logs for a wide variety of applications and services.

Mid-sized Companies
Many automation and management solutions for identity and group management and provisioning for unified communications applications have been too expensive for medium sized companies to deploy.  Yet these companies from 500-5000 employees still have many of the same requirements as large enterprises.  Ensim provides complete turnkey solutions that can overlay existing schema and infrastructure and be deployed in days and within budget.

Local, State, and Federal government agencies face a unique set of IT challenges and compliance requirements along with decreasing budgets.  Different departments such as legal and law enforcement may also require isolation within a shared single or multi-tenant environment.  Ensim solutions are GSA approved and EaaS and IL-3 certified and enable IT administrators to automate access control and provisioning of users, with auditable security controls, in existing or new infrastructure.

Managing users in an dynamic environment where enrollment and graduation require frequent large scale on-boarding and off-boarding as well as the greatly different requirements of faculty and staff versus students, can be one of the most challenging IT environments to support. Ensim's self-service and multi-service platform (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and or Google Apps all managed from the same platform) can automate the large bulk influxes of help-desk request at certain times of the year and leverage low cost cloud services for students while providing enterprise class applications for teachers and staff through a single centralized solution.

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