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Services Overview

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and services that ensure maximum deployment availability for our customers. We offer a range of Self Help Resources and full-service support options. These services are designed to help you deploy and manage your Ensim solutions and minimize your total cost of ownership.


Professional Services

From concept to production, Ensim offers a full range of professional services to help you design, deploy, integrate, and maintain your Ensim solution.

Ensim's team leverages their collective experience to guide you in analyzing, configuring, deploying, integrating, and maintaining your Ensim products. Ensim's Professional Services staff are experts in their fields and understand the needs of enterprises, service providers, telcos, and MSPs and their eco-systems.  Whether its speed to launch, budget containment, integration with complex systems, leveraging existing infrastructure and investments, or maximizing ROI requirements, Ensim's modular solutions are designed to work out of the box or be easily customized to unique requirements.  Over 50 pre-existing service connectors make launching your Ensim solution a matter of configuration, not customization, and with Ensim's extensible architecture, broad use of web services, and advanced SDK, new connectors can be built and deployed quickly.  Ensim's thoroughly documented master process coupled with a global team of experts, means one stop shopping to deliver a complete solution from concept to production.



Learn the skills needed to deploy, maintain, and optimize your Ensim solution from technology specialist with hands-on industry experience across a broad range of global deployments.
Learn from the Best 

The Ensim Training Services team is dedicated to helping customers and partners learn the skills they need to rapidly deploy, maintain, and optimize Ensim solutions.  Courses are delivered by technical specialists and combines lecture, demonstration, discussion, and hands-on exercises, designed to maximize knowledge transfer.

Web-based Troubleshooting Seminar
Learn advanced troubleshooting techniques and an overall technical explanation of Ensim solutions and architecture, integration points, and available connectors and add-ons.  Open Q&A session and summary ensures that all your questions are answered.

On-Site Training
Ensim provides on-site training tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Ensim offers a variety of standard and custom support and service plans that are easy to access, clearly defined, yet flexible enough to meet specific customer needs.


Tiered Support Plans

Ensim support plans are structured to meet specific needs.  Customers can chose from; basic ticket-based services with remote troubleshooting, enhanced telephone services, or on-site managed services covering a complete customer environment and third party applications.  With a network of global resources Ensim customers have access to an unparalleled technical support team.

The Ensim Support Program offers two tiers of service:

  • Standard
  • Premium


Program Features



16 hrs x 5 Days Support



24 Hrs x 7 Days Support



Web & Phone Access



Critical Issues First Response Time

4 hrs

2 hrs

Free Software Upgrade Installation Assistance (Remote)



Toll Free Access (In the US)



Priority Escalation



Primary Technical Account Manager



Online Ticket Summaries



Additional Information:

  • Ensim Automation Suite Web Services API Support: Support coverage includes diagnosis, correction, and / or work-arounds for errors or malfunctions that do not meet the function specification of the Ensim Automation Suite APIs.
  • Ensim holidays are excluded from normal hours of coverage (with the exception of Premium support).
  • Security fixes are included at no additional charge.
  • Ensim support plans list our "committed hours of coverage." Support staff is active at Ensim 24 hours a day, five days a week. If a ticket is submitted outside of the support committed hours of coverage, Ensim will respond to tickets on a first come first served basis, ranked by plan.
  • For pricing and more information please contact Ensim Sales.

Telephone and Email Support
Ensim's technical support team is specifically trained to perform troubleshooting activities over the telephone or by email and via remote access. Depending on specific needs, service options range from coverage on an 8 hour x 5 day a week basis, to a full 24 x 7 x 365 basis, via toll-free telephone (where available), email, or the Internet.

Proactive Notification
Ensim proactively notifies all Standard and Premium service level program members of software upgrades, patches, and maintenance releases as they become available.

Issue Reporting
All opened tickets receive an issue reference tracking number.  This allows Ensim support to record each issue and its severity, assign a Ensim Technical Support Analyst, and track each ticket through to its closure.  Based on the service level, each issue is assigned standard or increased service level targets.  Ensim Standard and Premium service level members receive ticket status report, providing a history of all incidences reported to support during a specified time.

  • Severity Level: Problems encountered by a customer and reported to Ensim should be assigned an appropriate Severity Level value by the customer.  Ensim reserves the right to modify the Severity Level value for any issues, based on the following definitions.
  • Critical:  Ensim Software has experienced a significant problem that prevents operation or severely limits or is reasonably expected to severely limit the performance of the customer causing significant loss and impact to the customer’s business.  No workaround is known to be available.
  • Major: Ensim Software has experienced a significant problem, but there is no pending loss of revenue or a workaround exists.
  • Minor:  Ensim Software has experienced a problem that does not significantly affect performance of the customer, but either does not function as described in documentation or does not perform as expected.  General questions about Ensim Software that are either not covered in documentation or need clarification should be considered minor.
  • Feature Request: This is a request for a new feature or functionality that does not exist in Ensim Software.  There is no obligation for Ensim to deliver product enhancements to any customer.  New features or customer development delivered to a specific customer may not be covered by Ensim Technical Support.  Ensim shall retain all title and interest in any enhancement, including all copyright, patent, trademark and other proprietary rights.

Technical Contacts
Customers can select the number of technical contacts that will be authorized to interact with the Ensim technical support team for ticket submission and closure.  Optional support specialist offerings (for additional fee's), provide for an Ensim support specialist to perform specific tasks such as technical troubleshooting on matters unrelated specifically to Ensim products, audits of your support systems and infrastructure, skills transfer on new releases, migration support, and much more.

Installation and Upgrade Services
Whether installing Ensim products for the first time or upgrading to a new product release, Ensim offers a service level to ensure that the installation or upgrade is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal down time.

System Audit and Health Check Services
Having productive, efficient systems is essential to getting the most from the Ensim solutions.  Ensim technical support engineers will perform a complete system audit of the installation, closely reviewing all factors that could affect the performance of the system. Following the monitoring event or the audit, Ensim will produce a detailed report of the system and make recommendations for improvements to the environment.

System Monitoring
Depending on customer organization capabilities, remote monitoring an installation may be required. Ensims technical support team will provide a level of remote monitoring as mutually determined.  Following the monitoring event, Ensim will produce a report detailing the status of the system and make recommendations for improvements where necessary.  Any issues found shall then be routed through the normal technical support channels for resolution.

Support Engineer Training
Customers supporting their own Ensim product installations can have their support engineers trained by Ensim.  The training goes beyond the standard product training and covers diagnostic techniques, remedial actions, workarounds, and recovery procedures.  Each Ensim trained engineer will learn to identify the cause of any system failures and restore the system to operating mode.

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